The Gorilla Entrepreneur

What is a Gorilla Entrepreneur?

A Gorilla Entrepreneur is similar to, but different from, a Digital Nomad. To the business world what Ozzie Rules is to Football.

They are a technophile who has managed to give themself location independence (as with a Digital Nomad), aiming to have creative streams of income, but not to be completely ‘locationless’. In fact, being permanently locationless can be a real pain, as I discovered in the last 6 months of 2012, and we all need a good base to work from occasionally.

What if you are not interested in being entrepreneurial? (Requires effort and productivity from time to time). Perpetual transit is the ultimate goal of any nomad or vagabond. What you need is to learn how to survive on as little money as possible, and to earn your keep as you go.

Here’s a photo of a big sad-looking Gorilla that I somewhat regrettably saw in Mysore Zoo, India, last summer. A few more pics of his fellow inmates are at the end of my post.

Poor chap, just lying in a corner of the enclosure, minding his own bizzy.

There are lots of Gorilla Entrepreneur’s out there, like artists, DJs, writers, photographers, T-shirt moguls, IT contract workers! (To name just a few). Most would probably not label themself a Nomad, but the skills they use to earn a living aren’t confined to a single business, one particular office space, or even any country in particular. Lucky people!

The Gorilla in the label (a typo, if you insist) is a use of the word Guerrilla to imply a different way of doing things, a rejection of the established order, and is used in Guerrilla Marketing to mean unexpected and provocative marketing tactics. Gorilla’s though, are a much more friendly image than actual Guerrilla’s, so the Gorilla Entrepreneur is born. I hope you know what Entrepreneur means…

And now for a riveting link! This short clip from a NatGeo documentary that I saw a couple of years ago features a chief scientist who is almost literally a Gorilla Entrepreneur. Although technically he’s a Primate Scientist. It is incredible stuff and well worth a watch.


Some more shots of animals at Mysore Zoo.

A beautiful White Tiger dozing in the grass

A dominant chimp, making sure nobody else plays in his tree house

Baboon love. This one looked like Vic Reeves from the side.

A massive White Rhino, so powerful but only fuelled by grass!

A ring-fenced ring-tailed Lemur, enjoying some rays.

Crow care, for the discerning Tapier near you

All pictures taken on a Sony A-380 DSLR and uploaded as is, I’m still learning ‘shop.  🙂

Peter Parkorr


Re-think, Re-brand, Reset

Ok, so a couple of weeks in, a few draft posts that are about 80% complete, and I have had some brainwaves.

It’s worth noting that I went out on friday night, drank a lot more than my RDA (recommended daily allowance) of a large and varied selection of soft drinks and alcohol (sometimes a large and varied selection all in one glass, #hoorayforcocktails!), unfortunately spending a small fortune in the process.

I’m actually completely against binge drinking but still find it hard to say No to a friend’s birthday celebrations, and crucially find it very hard to say No More For Me Thanks when I am in a bar with money or plastic in my wallet! Baah…
Energy levels, ideas, and rhino’s giving birth

Why ‘Shock And Orr’ ?

Wondering what on earth Shock And Orr refers to?

When I picked a name for my new blog I spent quite a while scratching my head and trying to come up with a name that had meaning, and obviously had not already been taken. Harder than it sounds, but ‘a rose by any other’ and all that jazz.

I love a good pun or double entendre (who doesn’t) and this is part of the name.

Lieutenant Orr is a brilliant character in Joseph Heller’s Catch 22. He is quite talented, always obtuse, and considered completely insane. His undevoted attention is spent trying to find a way to escape the war, as he and the other pilots in the story do not want to be killed in the repeated bombing raids they are sent on by their commander.

Orr's cheeky face?

‘Shock And Awe’ is a reference to the military strategy employed by the US in its quest for world domination. It has powerful connotations and a sense of grandeur. In particular, it always puts me in mind of the Jericho Missile demonstration in Iron Man, sad but true!

My blog will follow my attempt to become a Gorilla Entrepreneur (whoop!). This is represented in its name by the nature of Orr, constantly looking for ways to escape his situation, and by the strategy of Shock And Awe which uses a combination of ruthless precision and technological advantage to achieve its goal.

I am not a big fan of the military or wars and such like, so what I have come up with is a little surprising to me. But I will be embracing as much technology as I can to give myself ‘operational edge’, and to ESCAPE!   😀

It should make for a good read…

Peter Parkorr

First Post

Hi. This is a Brand New Blog!

The first thing I have done is written my ‘About’ page, so you can read what Shock And Orr will be about there.

The next thing on my To-Do List (I live and die by these things) for the blog is to explain why I chose the name ShockAndOrr, and the alias Peter Parkorr. If anyone understands the concept (or even part of it) without being told, then you are certified more bizarre and convoluted than I am, which is saying something.

I will aim to reply to all worthy comments where possible. A lot of things I will blog about are open to healthy debate and so I welcome all opinions. Comment away!

Back soon,

Peter Parkorr