Why ‘Shock And Orr’ ?

Wondering what on earth Shock And Orr refers to?

When I picked a name for my new blog I spent quite a while scratching my head and trying to come up with a name that had meaning, and obviously had not already been taken. Harder than it sounds, but ‘a rose by any other’ and all that jazz.

I love a good pun or double entendre (who doesn’t) and this is part of the name.

Lieutenant Orr is a brilliant character in Joseph Heller’s Catch 22. He is quite talented, always obtuse, and considered completely insane. His undevoted attention is spent trying to find a way to escape the war, as he and the other pilots in the story do not want to be killed in the repeated bombing raids they are sent on by their commander.

Orr's cheeky face?

‘Shock And Awe’ is a reference to the military strategy employed by the US in its quest for world domination. It has powerful connotations and a sense of grandeur. In particular, it always puts me in mind of the Jericho Missile demonstration in Iron Man, sad but true!

My blog will follow my attempt to become a Gorilla Entrepreneur (whoop!). This is represented in its name by the nature of Orr, constantly looking for ways to escape his situation, and by the strategy of Shock And Awe which uses a combination of ruthless precision and technological advantage to achieve its goal.

I am not a big fan of the military or wars and such like, so what I have come up with is a little surprising to me. But I will be embracing as much technology as I can to give myself ‘operational edge’, and to ESCAPE!   😀

It should make for a good read…

Peter Parkorr