A Rolling Stone Needs No ‘Hoss’ – Progress Report #3


Show you TRAVEL, you say? Oh…   I got this.

Peter Parkorr likes drinking tea

Drinking tea after a day cycling in the Appennines near Modena, Italy

The daily prompt today on WordPress.com asks;
If you could live a nomadic life, would you? Where would you go? How would you decide? What would life be like without a “home base”?

I’ve got your questions so well covered… I’ve devoted not one but two different sites to answering them. Actually, this daily prompt couldn’t come at a better time for me, as I’ve had this progress report half written for a fortnight already.

Thank you, daily prompter.

1. If you could live a nomadic life, would you?

Yes. I am. I can live a nomadic life, and I am living a nomadic life. It’s great. Hence “a rolling stone doesn’t need a horse.” (It’s already rolling…) I’m a long-term traveller. Bases schmases.

Nomadism does have challenges and quirks, and what I’m also trying to do is run a small business while I travel. For the record, having a base would make things much easier, but easy doesn’t necessarily mean best, or most enjoyable. I wrote a piece about making money from travel blogging on travel news site Tnooz recently. But if I just wanted to enjoy myself, I wouldn’t try to make money from a blog.

2. Where would you go?

I left the UK in 2010 and I’ve been to… a lot of places since then. I’m not trying to travel fast, I’m not trying to cross items off a list, but I’ve kept moving.

So, where will I go next? I rarely have a solid plan. Where have I been recently? India and Italy are the big ones. I unintentionally did a grand tour of Italy this May, in pursuit of turning Travel Unmasked into a business I can live off. I made a little video about all the glorious fattening food they eat.

3. How would you decide?

I’m really just going wherever the wind blows me. This is the whole reason I started a second travel site – I wanted it to be entirely about travelling without an itinerary, and not in a way that costs a bomb. I’m getting more stories up at Travel Unmasked all the time, so you can read about where I’ve been, and see the photographs from my travels too.

For example, I was in Berlin for a travel trade show called ITB, trying to find good travel companies and tourism boards to work with as a blogger, and I got an email completely out of the blue inviting me to India. I’d been desperate to go back to India since my first trip in 2010, where I started my full-time travels. I responded, and less than a month later, bam – I’m in India. I’m still not quite sure how it happened. It could only happen because I didn’t already have a plan to be elsewhere. I just made a ‘ultra-highlights’ video of that last week as well, cramming so many distinct bits of footage into a teaser reel;

4. What would life be like without a “home base”?

It’s nice actually. It depends how much you are going to move around. I like to travel slowly and get under the skin of places, rather than just two days in a new spot and claim to have ‘done’ it. Probably because I’m more interested in the culture (the locals) than the sights too. It might be hard to envisage the pleasant baseless sensation if you are thinking about where you would put all your ‘stuff’ – but if you have been travelling a while then the only possessions that matter to you are what you can carry. So the rest is pointless anyway.

Lots more of my take on travel in an interview some nice fellow bloggers got me to do.

Reporting my progress

Possibly I’ve been doing things in the wrong order. I started blogging to track my journey. That’s fine, but now I feel you should focus on the journey more, and treat it as a potential story to tell later.

Either way, the ‘travel blogging’ game is still a great learning curve. There are some incredibly interesting people on the internet, and in their connected circles. I’m meeting people from travel startups, magazine editors, company directors, you name it.

bloggers say no to austerity

Interesting people from the internet. Bloggers in this case.

Going forwards my aims for Travel Unmasked have changed a little, and I’ll be focussed on making the most of my journeys. I don’t want to divert too much energy into documenting it, and take away from the whole point of what I’m documenting. See Dave’s journey for a great example of a nice balance (and my piece about him too). I’ve also got a couple of other projects starting up. These get more likely to succeed every day, thanks to the learning curve again.

And I still plan to be ‘retired by 35’ – although it is an arbitrary measurement, and I wouldn’t actually retire at 35, regardless of how well I do. It’s not a need, or something I want to shout about, but just a challenge that I think I can meet. And I’m all about challenges.

Until the next update,