What’s Shock-And-Orr all ABOUT?

This is a blog about walking the walk, chasing dreams and creating your perfect lifestyle. I’m going to blog about my journey to becoming a Digital Nomad, a serial startup, a Gorilla Entrepreneur. Even just saying it gets me worked up!

Some of the things I will blog about are Business, Travel, Technology, Money, Photography, Martial Arts, and Books. This might sound overly ambitious but these are things I am passionate about and I have been interested in each for over ten years.

For a long time I have talked about my firm belief that there are many ways a person can lead any life they want, be it from becoming a professional poker player to disappearing off into China to become a Wushu master. I’ve learnt from experience that the best way to make things happen, is to talk yourself into doing it, and then doing it!

There is a popular saying in some circles, “those who can’t, teach“. Variations on this theme are vocalised, especially by people who trade for a living, and it implies (very cynically) that most people who teach or write about success, are people who aren’t successful themselves.

Well that ain’t gonna be me buddy! My blog will document my progress in becoming one of those enviable serial entrepreneurs and Digital Nomads; someone who has used technology to separate their ability to earn an income from being location dependent, so that they can live anywhere and achieve their own dream lifestyle. Two things I have already done; talked myself into doing it, and going nomadic, so I’m halfway there!

As well as tracking my progress, I will also be writing about the experiences I’ve learnt most from in the last 15 years. Especially the interesting places I have seen or lived, and a list of every book I have ever read, to which I will gradually add reviews of the best and most influential ones.

Some of the people I envy most for their lifestyle are travel writers, literary critics, photo-journalists and profitable bloggers – and they all started somewhere.

I know it’s a privilege for me to be able to try this, unlike many people, but it’s also my attitude and self-belief that make it possible. You’ve got to be in it, to win it.

Peter Parkorr


3 comments on “What’s Shock-And-Orr all ABOUT?

  1. I assume that you are quite young, and I applaud you for having begun to do…. the things you want to do. I have done a lot when I was younger. I was lucky…. I could. However, one must remain unattached of a lot of things (people, houses, pets, “stuff”…).
    Go for it!
    Go for it before you get (too) old!
    I’m glad I did. Now I’m older and have a child. But I’m not done.
    I’ve begun to teach my son that he can do anything he wants, if only he wants it badly enough… 🙂

    • Hey, thankyou for the encouragement! I’m not sure what gives the impression that I’m young, I am neither young nor old, just very young at heart, haha.

      I am actually approaching my journey from a place where I’ve been very comfortable with all the material and social ‘stuff’ you refer to, but I have just become disillusioned with a lot of the values that the people around me hold. I decided not to succumb to the temptation of an easy life at the cost of my principles, and so I will have to see where it leads me.

      Every few days I scratch my head for 30 minutes wondering how I can do it and have a family as well. So far the solutions seems to be ‘Go for it, FAST! The further on you are, the more options there will be available when you need them’.

      Fingers crossed and your son is lucky to have the benefit of your open-mindedness!

  2. Yes, do NOT let others discourage you. And do not let things tie you down. Stuff is only stuff…. it gets old, it keeps you from doing more important things.
    It’s like watching TV…. you have a TV, you get cable, you channel-surf, you find this show and that which you like, you start watching them every week…. and pretty soon you don’t LIVE anymore, because you don’t want to miss on “your” show.
    You are on the right track for actually making something out of your life. Not many people persist in doing that.

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