Photo: Indulgence (and Incredible India)

Some thoughts and photo’s for a previous weeks Post A Week 2012 theme ‘Indulgence’. These were very nearly posted for last week’s theme ‘Contrast‘, which is another fitting title for what it is I’m saying.

The first photo’s were taken in Varkala, a popular beach for tourists along the coast of Kerala, India.

And the thoughts; Why is the world the way it is? Why is the quality of your life more dependent on your place of birth than on your IQ? Why do some people have more things than they need, and others don’t have basic education, food, or water?

They remind me a little of ‘The shame of Italy’ story that you may have read, about tourists sunbathing while the bodies of two drowned Roma girls lay nearby on the sand for 6 hours.

Do the tourists in these photo’s work as hard at home as the labourers working next to them? Do we have less physically demanding jobs because we are better educated? Why are e better educated? Are our jobs more important, and to who?

I don’t have the answers to these questions, but the author of an interesting book I am reading at the moment might. The book is ‘23 Things They Don’t Tell You About Capitalism‘  by Ha-Joon Chang, a Korean professor of economics at Cambridge. It’s a captivating and informative read to say the least, I highly recommend it. It disperses many widely held mis-truths about modern societies and economies, with clever and well thought out presentation of data that flies in the face of common ‘knowledge’. The author is not standing on a soap box and shouting ‘The end is nigh’, but merely questioning why we assume our beliefs are correct, illustrating his points with good journalistic impartiality.

Judge this book by whichever cover you prefer

I’d like to finish this post with some other photo’s from India, 1) because I haven’t really published any of the thousands I took, and 2) because I met a traveller the other day who was essentially afraid to go there because she had heard only scare stories about the bigger cities, and the most extreme of the East-West cultural differences. My advice, if you are able to visit India, is do! Travelling in India is not always easy, but is completely worth the effort.

It’s worth noting that of the almost 5 months that I was in India, I spent the majority of my time working in remote parts of South India (Karnataka and Kerala, and near the border of Tamil Nadu) as a project manager with UK charity Raleigh, a completely different experience to being a backpacker. It meant forming longer term relationships with the local villagers and charity partners, and getting to see how these people, completely removed from modern cities or towns, lived from day to day.

I think I could go on adding photo’s from India for a very long time, but a quick look at some of my favourite | other | photo | Pressers confirms that you can’t have too many good photo’s! These are certainly some of my favourites, and it’s a start. They are actually only the highlights of my highlights, I didn’t have time yet to go back through the mother lode. The varied finishes are not very aesthetic as a set, but I’m still experimenting and also deciding whether watermarks are really necessary.

More soon,



6 comments on “Photo: Indulgence (and Incredible India)

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  2. Hello Peter! Nice post.
    I can fully grasp your thoughts and understand what you are trying to find out as I too had similar questions.
    In one line, I can just say that it is a paradoxical world we live in and life’s not supposed to be fair for everyone. So, what really is this game all about? Is it about good and bad, our doings (Karma), amusement, love, or something else?
    If you’ve got a minute, feel free to check out my blog @ (Maybe you could answers to some questions)

    • Hi, and thanks! I can’t agree that ‘life isn’t supposed to be fair for everyone’ – when it is a question of how we as a species organise ourselves, then life has little to do with it. I will certainly check out your blog tho and see what you say there! 🙂

      • Thanks for your reply.
        That’s positive outlook. It’s good. But I wish the reality was as positive as your thoughts are, as in what it holds for us.
        1) How tiny, negligible as species/humans we are for the nature/Creation/Creator to make any difference.
        2) Nothing is in our hands, it’s just a positive way of saying or rather reassuring ourselves that we can change or control. But the reality is far from similar if we do a deeper analysis.
        3) Truth’s always bitter my friend.

      • Yes, but;
        1) If everyone thought like that, no-one would do anything at all, from getting up in the morning, to having families, to fighting wars (one possible benefit).
        2) I do enjoy some deep analysis, and I conclude that lots and lots is in our hands.
        3) That entirely depends what you believe in the first place 🙂

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