Have a Crafty Christmas with Vegetabaubles

Only TEN days until Christmas! At the beginning of December I spontaneously decided to go super healthy.

This means meat free, low fat and no junk food. So obviously I love greens (and whites, and oranges, etc) but now I’m taking it further by attempting to decorate my Christmas tree with veggies too.   🙂

First I made Ski’s, that help you see in the dark. The snow started melting because it’s warm inside.

Then I made a snow-covered tree, with baubles, tinsel and some presents ready to be opened.

Brussel sprouts are the easiest to turn into still-life baubles for use on a real tree. You can pop a pin into them and hang them from string tied around the pin-head.

I placed mine on a tray and added some extra’s.

Don’t forget some dry wood to roast chestnuts by the fire!

Spices and herbs are perfect for adding colour.

It’s much easier to make clean shapes with nice sharp knives. Or you could use craft tools if you have them.

Is someone somewhere trying to tell me something? An accidental love heart at Christmas.

And of course, half of the fun is making a mess.

Notice the reflection of a British celeb on TV! Anyone guess who it is?

My Vegetabaubles aren’t very tree ready just yet. I need to work out how to preserve or pickle them. Maybe they can be dipped in clear varnish so they keep ’til January!

If you wanted to spend more time or had kids to entertain you could end up with a whole Vegetabauble nativity scene. I only used 1 parsnip, 1 carrot and 2 sprouts but I’m sure every Christmas vegetable has its place.

All shots taken on my Sony A380Y with 18-55mm lens and straight from the camera. Merry Christmas!


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