Riddle Me This

Or, I should really say ‘tell me a Wrime’.

The close of Day 4 of NaNoWriMo, and my word count stands at about 30, but triple it if you count another couple of lines that I have in my head. Unfortunately that is 49,970 words short of the target, and only 0.0045% of the way to Day 4’s pro-rata amount. But I’m not worried! I have never completed a single piece of work in a remotely orderly manner, so why should writing (an art form no less!) be any different. In fact, without a grenade up my behind, I just can’t sit myself down.

Day 1 & 2 I was busy enjoying birthday celebrations, not mine. I am generally referred to as so laid back I am in danger of lying down, and I have to think of my reputation.

What is important is that on Day 3, as I lay in bed waking up, I heard a voice describing one of my central characters. It was a single line about him, and a vision of who he is, and what makes him tick. I still have no idea what the story line will be, but having someone to write about is the first thing I needed. After that I couldn’t tell you what distracted me, but I struggled to write the first few lines that described him and I ended up getting a variety of other things done. It was still great to hear the voice of my narrator, and glimpse my central character, and I even sleepily dreamed a second central character too.

But now, 3am on friday night/saturday morning, I am going to write a little more. I know once I have managed to put Al (character’s name) onto paper, I can write endlessly from there. I should really take the good advice of my family, of Jolie, of a thousand books I have read about time management and getting things done. Namely going to bed, rising early, and enjoying a healthy schedule that is in tune with the majority of humanity.

Sorry! No can do. I think I was born for a different planet, one with longer days. Given the choice I would happily put more hours in the day, and work on something like a 16 hour day followed by a 12 hour sleep.   😀    I have been informally diagnosed with delayed-phase sleep disorder (apnoeia?) by a friend, but I care not for your modern diagnoses! What happened to the days when not being able to sit still or being obsessive or hearing voices was called personality, and we weren’t all droids with a customised list of afflictions?

Ironically, I definitely have ADHD, this blog was supposed to be about something else entirely. It was supposed to ask (hence the title) how I can turn my jumbled mess of hobbies, interests, skills and ambitions into a productive life, and specifically how to make my blog more focussed. ‘Trying to put my brain on the internet, before I get hit by the proverbial bus’ is a little broad. But I’m sure it will work itself out.



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