Re-think, Re-brand, Reset

Ok, so a couple of weeks in, a few draft posts that are about 80% complete, and I have had some brainwaves.

It’s worth noting that I went out on friday night, drank a lot more than my RDA (recommended daily allowance) of a large and varied selection of soft drinks and alcohol (sometimes a large and varied selection all in one glass, #hoorayforcocktails!), unfortunately spending a small fortune in the process.

I’m actually completely against binge drinking but still find it hard to say No to a friend’s birthday celebrations, and crucially find it very hard to say No More For Me Thanks when I am in a bar with money or plastic in my wallet! Baah…

It’s very worrying to think of how much diet can change your energy levels and your apparent personality. An actor on the radio today was describing how aggressive he got when he was being carb-starved for a role as a boxer, and I once saw an eye opening experiment on hyper-active twins (one twin ate as normal, inc crisps and sweets daily, other twin given super healthy food, for a week) with the end result being the twin on the diet sitting quietly and reading a book while still-hyper-twin hit him in the head repeatedly with a plastic hammer! (LOL)

Anyway it’s only worth noting my drunk episode because if I do go out and have a large night I can guarantee that for the next two days my brain will erupt continuously and prolifically with idea after idea after idea. It’s great! Thoughts as to why? Maybe my brain loves the sugar stockpile, maybe I just get inspired by loud music and bad conversations, maybe alcohol improves my epiphany receptors. Much more likely however is that I don’t really drink sugary drinks or eat many E-numbers, so when I go out and guzzle approximately 4.3 litres (if my maths and memory of the night are anything to go on, which they aren’t) of fizzy drinks, cheap fruit juice and a zillion different syrups, spirits and other mixers, it has a bit of a supercharger effect.

So I can usually rely on a couple of days where I am twice as interesting as usual, and my brain just spews raw unadulterated free-association style ideas on any topic whatsoever and absolutely every topic whatsoever. (Doesn’t happen when I have a night out on lager tho, then I just feel like I have been shat out of a rhino’s arse into a crack addict’s wheelie bin).

Being shat out of a rhino’s arse – Jim Carrey does it best. Ace Ventura 2, ‘rhino birth scene’.

A lot of the idea’s I have when my brain starts sparking like this can be placed firmly in the ‘that is too inane and obscure, even for me’ folder, but there will also be a few idea’s that are great. Possibly just the law of averages at work, but I don’t care as long as they are actually good idea’s!

In succint conclusion; I’ve re-thought my aims for this blog/midlife-crisis (number 4 I think?), clarifying for my own good what I am actually working towards and trying to achieve. That led me to thinking more about the name Shock And Orr, which I may still keep, but helped me coin a more accurate term to describe my ‘personal brand’ on the interweb – namely being a Gorilla Entrepreneur. Now, potentially contentious, I do hate it when people coin a new term and then start banding it about in blatant ego massaging, but hopefully I will be able to just use it to communicate a similar meaning to the more popular term I have been using, Digital Nomad, but with important differences. All explained here.

I also had a truck load of idea’s for cool Tshirts (I am a persistent virtual designer of Tshirts, this will become very apparent), several great idea’s for a fiction novel which I am going to try and write in NaNoWriMo (here’s the WordPress promotion of it too)  and much more importantly I am starting to get a picture of how my grand plans will all fit together. I can’t begin to explain how happy I am to be able to see some feint light at the end of that particular tunnel! The past few months I have been quite lost (the original name I thought of for the blog was The Lost Guide in fact, but it was taken, and that’s how history goes, haha) because I couldn’t come to a decision about how to get things started and what this next phase of my life was going to look like. Now I can happily report that I have as much as the next 5 to 10 years outlined in my head, and I am looking forward to it immensely! If you’re interested, details in *(a post coming soon)*.

That’s all for now, and I owe it all to a messy night out with some old work friends and an unhealthy dose of alcohol. Oh alcohol, it’s love-hate, but Thank You!!

Managed to catch this all-in-one-photo-sequence of some delicious Jaeger-bombs on a ski holiday a few years ago!

Peter Parkorr


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